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juin 2015

MIT here I come !

So. My dream so far is this. I study physics mathematics(1008 hours ), computering , japanese ,violon read 12 books and do experiments and fixeses this summer. I go to Ben Grir prep school where I learn independance meet new friends and keep on working on my new body , keep saving money and getting high grades , having teachers who love me ,meet y best Friend Mathiew ,the prodigy , have the crazyest adventures with him ,go to Europe on Summer get Phy books , go to lectures buy peices for my inventions, meet the cutest guys, buy great clothes ,do my hair ,take photos, visit campuses libraries, (...)

Change Is All I Need ...

Today I realised that I was shrinking my self too much for others, while others don't give a fuck about me , they want to expand and grow.I'm always screwed by people and their selfishness and yet I don't learn anything ...Oh well ! I guess It's a good thing I don't hold grudge... Anyways it's time for me to get a little selfish and start working on my self :I must outwork everyone , look batter then everyone, and not get caught up in anyone's plans I shall live for me then for others Resolution number 1: Weight loss (A MUST ) -Time dedicated for food and Tiffany's leg workout 1 (...)

Emploi Du Temps

12:30__01:00(Sleep) 01:00__03:25(Mp) 03:25__03:30(Al-Fajr) 03:30__06:30(Reading) 06:30__07:00(Sleep) 07:00__12:25(MP) 12:25__12:30(Adduhr) 12:30__01:00(Sleep) 01:00__02:00(Sport) 02:00__04:10(Japanese) 04:10__04:15(Al-Asr) 04:15__05:05(Japanese) 05:05__06:05(Sport) 06:05__06:30(Music) 06:30__07:00(Sleep) 07:00__07:10(Music) 07:10__07:40(Eat) 07:40__07:45(Al-Maghrib) 07:45__08:15(Eat) 08:15__09:15(MP) 09:15__09:20(Al-Ichaae) 09:20__12:30(MP) (...)

What to do ?

The Media played so much with my mind ,it started telling me how that i must sleep 8hours a day ,eat all vitamins and minerals just healthy and lose 0.000002 kilos a wekk if i want to be healthy ,like who does thatdon't study noe then three hours then take a break ,listen to classical music,do not pull an all nighter HELLOOOOOOOOOO !!! this is real world not Barbie world and if i keep doing this soon enough I want have ANYTHING and i won't be ANYONE , this turned me into a real life lazy demotivated jack ass SO from now on I will only go online for educational (...)