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août 2018

Dear 2013 me...

You are 15, beautiful and optimistic, you are insecure, you hate your body, even though it's perfect, a lot of people actually envy you for it. This is 2018 and your life has actually took the craziest change, some things you never thought would happen have happened. You dyed your hair BLONDE. Bravo for the guts. You still haven't gotten your first kiss. Yesterday you discovered your Uncle Taib died, u actually kinda felt it with 3men and grandma dream And remember A, that boy you were so very crazy about, you told him you liked him ahahaha, he said you should have (...)

its raining men

OMG OMG OMG OMG Diary. Ok Margo écoutes, aujourd’hui était une journée de bg j’te dis. Au début y avait ce blondinet de Badoo (il vit à L.A) Et puis y avait ce mec qui s’est approché de mois a cote du feu rouge et il m a demandé ou ce trouve Versal haha. Mais le meilleur c’est ce beau gars que j ai vu lors je suis allée faire ma commande de salade César et soupe de champignons. Mais je crois qu’il est plus jeune que mois d au moins 2ans. Mais il était ci beau. AHHAHAHA, c’est décidé, j irai là-bas au régulier .LOL. Le truc c’est, que les mecs soit me (...)


God Why is this happening to me? Why am I treated like crap? I hate this...Everyday is torture, god. God please me out of here please please please please please help me i hate this i hate this i hate this ... I have never wished death upon somebody until this year. I hate myself I hate this situation, I hate him SO MUCH ...I hope all the money hes ever made gets lost in one time. I hope all his cash and all his documents get burned .. *update* Just woke up, prayed a lil. Thinking what should i have for break fast. I feel like Jamie.Fucked from the ass. What should I do ? oh god oh god...This (...)