Vivre Dans Ma Peau !


Chapter 1:
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Ever since I was little, I always dreamt; whether I was sitting in the classroom by the window, lying down on my bedroom floor contempling the stars, in the back seat of every car I rode or even sleeping-Although I never liked my sleep dreams since I couldn’t control them-. God I dreamt of everything ! My imagination had no limits, I found my reality so blend and boring I was desperate to feel something ,anything, I felt myself going numb day by day, So my only refugee was the hope that my future might be brighter and greater than my present. This feeling grew with me, so did my dreams, I found myself a senior at high school, no remarkable marks, parents divorced ever since I was three so I never knew what it actually feels like to have a father daughter relationship, I was no beauty, no brains, no great personality, no talent …I stayed at my grandparents ‘house with them, an ignorant uncle and a little sister, I hadn’t had talked to my dad in two years, he hadn’t bothered to ask, I was going through a series of eating disorder losing 20 pounds gaining 30 ..I hated my body, I hated binging, and I hated school. But I wanted to be 43 kilos, become a scientist and win a Nobel Prize.
I had lots of fantasies, lots of dreams, lots of goals, and also a depression, I felt horrible for wasting time, for procrastinating, for studying and yet not get the highest marks I was pissed at the world, my family members didn’t make it any easier, trying to misguide me. I always doubted their feelings towards me and my mother, they acted like they cared, but the truth is that deep down they wanted us to stay where we were, at the bottom, so that they can step on us like grass. I could feel it although I always tried to keep my heart clear and my intentions good, but you can’t miss it at all. Same thing was happening to me at school. It hurt me so much that people act in a way and intend another. Hypocrisy, selfishness, hatred… Exactly why?
At a point in my life, whenever I would think about it, everything would seem pointless, I never understood why people were so freaked out about their grades, about their studies, and why wasn’t I, I hated the facts that university ranked people according to their grades, I mean why ? That number doesn’t reflect me, I just happened to be confused, at this exact period, it just happened that I am unhappy, lost … Why would a stupid sheet be so decisive in my life ? I’m young after all, I have my whole life in front of me, I don’t want to be controlled, I want to see the world, I want to experience everything, make lots of mistakes and meet lots of people who like me want to discover themselves their vision, the path they want to take.
All of this seems so depressive, it’s all going on in my head, deep thoughts and life philosophies, but outside, outside I look like any other person.
Mom and Mathieu are the only two people that I’m grateful to have in my life, My mother the woman who gave birth of me brought me to this world and taught me everything I know, pushed me to do the right thing and be a good person, and deep down she was the one I look up to, my role model, and Mathieu my baby my angel my brother my best friend, he reflects everything I love about life, he is a kind, smart, energetic, positive, outgoing, funny, adorable, honest, beautiful creature, basically he gave me hope in humanity. We met in Prep school, it was it first year, we were all new, new teachers, new facility, new campus, new dorm, new cheets, and new me . I had shed 45 pounds in the past 4 months, changed my attitude, my clothing style and my hair color, I was so happy I got that scholarship, I started studying for approximately 19 hours a day, 1 for sport, 2 for sleep and 2 for food shower and hanging out with friends. It’s actually funny how Mathieu and I met, I was at a cake shop with 2 close friends of mine Malika the redhead, Sara the rich girl (but no brat) and my gorgeous roommate and best friend Sabrina, I was getting up to pick a flavor when Mathieu and I layed finger on the last chocolate cake in the store, we looked at each other then I said -You do know that chocolate enhances the amount of estrogen in your body and makes your voice and figure more feminine…he replied as he paid the cashier that handed him a pink box -It’s okay chicks find it sexy ..-Come on dude I’ll buy any other one you pick, deal ?...-I have a suggestion, you keep your money I keep the cake and you’ll list me reasons why you desperately want this specific cake if your day is worse than mine I’ll give it to you in other words the one that had the shitiest day gets the cake as an apology from freaking life…
I looked thoroughly for seconds then I said –I’ve been on a restrictive diet ever since May I only have one cheat day every other week, I have to study for almost 20 hours a day just to keep up with my class since I didn’t major in Math at high school, the shit is tough now, I eat my meals in tiny freakish paper cups, I haven’t tasted milk dairies in ages, I’m far from home so I don’t get to talk to my family that much even when I miss’em, I got hit on 4 times on my way here, I dropped a kid from her crib and broke a nail, and now I have to fight over a tiny chocolate fudge cake with the blond version of John Tucker cause when I get back to the campus I have to clean the entire lab section with tiny toothbrushes as a punishment for talking back to the guest of honor on the freaking city assembly, wash everyone’s clothes and pull an all-nighter to get my quantum physics paper done on time IF I get it done on time …
-Okay, you deserved it …
-Thanks dude !...
-see you in class Rita !... did you know my name?...
-Well I go to Ben Grir’s Prep school and I went through the class list and there were only two girls in it and I don’t think your name is Myung lee isn’t it ..
-Haha, Nope ! Wait that make You Mathieu Odonel the math prodigy, welcome to Morocco !
As I was leaving he called for me and said
–You didn’t “only” talk back to the guy didn’t you ?
-…I punched him; don’t get any wrong ideas I’m usually a very calm person but he called my friend here the B word cause she stepped on his shoe when we were in the elevator !
After hearing that he sat with us and I ended up talking to him for hours it’s like we knew each other for ages we talked about everything and anything , it was the longest conversation I have had ever since I left my home city .I will never forget Sara’s reaction when she asked us how long do we go back and I said just now it was unbelievable, and ever since we’ve went everywhere together we would eat together study together hang out together just like those products that come in pack you can’t have one without the other .
-Chapter 2 :
I was still under the blanket when I heard him walk into the room, I recognized his steps right away.
-Yo dude wake up ! We’re gonna be late for class ! Says Mathieu on his way in .
-Just 5 more minutes please I have a sleeping schedule to respechuknow ..
-Not even 5 more seconds plus it’s your fault you haven’t slept
In 2 days, C’mon Rita get up we’ll get coffee on the go
I got my head out of sheets and said : Your treat?
-Ok that’s it !
Mathieu climbed to my bed and pulled the blanket that was shielding me from the day light
-Surprise surprise Smookiekins is wearing her jeans to bed …Tsk Tsk some people never change…
-Oh smoochie cuddlekins kno…WOW!
Mathieu dragged me out of the bed and put me on his back.
-Now remember if we fall, it was an accident.
-Ok Ok I’m up ! “Long tooth Big Ears” … I mumbled to myself
-I heard that!
3 minutes later, we were in front of the entire classroom
-So Mr. and Mrs. Z finally decided to join us, any explanations ? Said Mr. Gonzales in a sarcastic tone
-It was my fault...
-It was my fault…
-No it was mine...
-No it was mine...
Mr. Washington rolls his eyes and tells us to take our seats, 3 hours of Calculus already gone and lunch time comes, Mathieu and I were sitting in front of his lap top working on our really really complicated engineering science project when Sabrina and 4 other people came to us, then a short guy in the crowd shouted
-Mat Ma-man ! Ready for the chess competition?
-Hell yeah ! We’re gonna kick them nerds ass ! No offence..
-…None taken
I turned to Face M when I said :
-Oh right you’ve been practicing all week for it, when is it again?
-Coo… WHAT ? Sun…as THIS Sunday ? But it’s our 9 month anniversary
-I know I’m sorry, I just found out this morning please don’t kill me’-‘
-Give the guy a break it’s not like you’re lovers or something
-More like brothers , I shot him a look and asked : Do I know you ?
-Ha-ha it’s okay I won’t go if you don’t want me to, you matter more than any other competition in the world
I was tempted there for a moment as opened my mouth to talk
I was gonna tell him that I bought tickets for the soccer game everyone was waiting for, this international football team was coming to play, it was the game of the decade, and the tickets cost me the eyes of the head, but I told myself that I can always sell them and get my money back(with interest hopefully 3:D ) since there was no point in me going alone, not only because I don’t like soccer but also,I am not as selfish as I might look, I mean look at him, acting all careless just so I don’t get hurt, I know how much he loves playing chess and how hard he worked to get into the pro team , so just the fact that he’s willing to give that up to hang out with me made me happy …
-Aaaawn ! I wish I could say the same but I don’t do competitions. You can go, I release you ! Besides I just remembered Sara had asked me to go dress shopping with her then we might go for a swim at that 5 stars hotel we crashed into last time
-Thank you Sara said the shorty
-Quiet Oompa Loompa!
Mat gave me a hug yelling
–You’re crazy do you know that ! You shouldn’t be hanging out with Sara!
_Don’t fear for me she’s great
_Oh no my dear I fear the worst for her ! You my friend are a bas influence, I’m telling you one day you’ll get caught and go straight to jail
_ I have you, you’ll bail me out
We finished our meal along with our lame project, today’s lunch was spaghetti with meat balls, 2 side dishes, orange juice and an apple ,I exchanged my meat balls for Mathieu’s side dish and his apple –like always-since he hates veggies, fruits (besides prunes),nuts… he thinks they look suspicious .Then we went to his dorm room, to pack his stuff since he’ll be going to Norway for the compet . We checked and double-checked everything from his clothes to undies, electronic devices, money passport & papers, hygienic products, dictionary and finally his chess game .We squatted on the floor and stared at the pile of books on his desk
-You read all these just this semester?
-You really are something, there must be like a hundred of them, I love reading but I haven’t touched a book ever since school started ,this whole prep school thing is so time consuming .
-I tell you what ,If you rank first in this year’s finals we’ll go back packing in Europe I’ll even take to Ukraine to see Kiev’s Vernadsky National Scientific Library ,you know it’s like one of the biggest libraries in the world they have crap from the 18th century ,presidential stuff, manuscripts, books, scientific works, and cultural compositions..Bookwarms heaven ! You’ll be blown away.
-It’s great but Um you’re talking to the person who ranked 10th for four months in a row ,in a class of 15 and just before that I was 14th I would have been last if that girl Ranya didn’t fall sick for a week, I slacked off a lot lately I don’t even have notes ,Haha plus the top of class is YOU how can I beat you ?
-I’m not planning on taking it any easy on you ,so you better start now as for your notes and set backs you’ll figure it out faster then you think isn’t it so “Mrs I wanna win a Nobel Prize”?
-I will!
-I know!
We looked at each other and cracked of laughter
-So you want me to go through all this for a bunch of books ? You need to step it up a little!
-Pluuuus they have the best water parks and music concerts !
-I’m gonna regret this at some point but deal
-And if you rank even second you’ll have to take the summer program, it mean 3 months of 8th grade mathematics and white bread with jam
-Sorry mate you already approved
-DGDKWDGNUDFOJUSDFVJSDJC…Fine ! What is it with you and bets anyway ?
-Makes life more fun *wink*
-Hey let’s go out and play football !
-I hate it!I hate sports!
-But I love it; Pleaaase ! It won’t be fun without my bro in there!
-Don’t pull that card on me ! ...Oh stop it with the puppy face!FINE!!
-YESSS ! Let me grab my sneakers!
-Chapter 3:
Three days of rigorous studying went by, I havn’t sold a ticket -guys in my school are such cheapskates-I was sitting on my desk struggling with some math problems when I got a vocal message from Sabrina telling me that the chess team will be leaving in an hour, the school made flyers and brought balloons to raise their spirit, everyone was cheering them both first years and second years. I grabbed the good luck gift I bought for Mathieu ,threw on my running vest and flew there, by the time I got to the gate all I saw were groups off students babbling about “the” upcoming football game and this super cool team they have ,little did I care ,the chess team was gone .I heard a nasal sound behind me say : -You’re gasping, where were you ?
There was only one person I knew with this voice and this northern accent. Sabrina.
-I just got your message ,I came here running. Where did everyone go?
-Lol I send you that msg about an hour ago
-Meh Damn you 3G !Mat will kill me ,I didn’t even give him this lucky bracelet
-Come on book worm we need to get you a life ! Mat totally turned you into a dude
-I should get a life ?
-Yeah like the one you had before Mat, It’s a Sunday morning and you’re cramming you have pen marks all over you, So ? Where should we go ?
Sabrina gave me this look with her big blue eyes waiting for my answer, I never noticed she had freckles, maybe I do need to chill a little
-I have tickets for the soccer game ehe..he (Oh my god she’ll kill me)
-Mm you’re hopeless !Well at least the players are hot and loaded ,what seats ?
-Front row
-Yeah I had a discount, I told the guy who sold them they were my dying old grandpa’s birthday gift, that he was a football player himself, and that it’s his last wish
-Hahahahahaha ! Oh my god ! You sneaky little ..Did you decide what to wear ?
-Um this ? ^^’
-I guessed .C’mon, follow me !
Forty five minutes of walking around rooms, Sabrina got us two kits, two morrocan flags, huge plastic sunglasses and one of those thingies that look like huge index fingers on which is written “Play well or go home” , then we drew the team’s logo on each other’s faces it’s was hilarious cause at the first try out I wrote “slap me” on her face and she drew a moustache and fake sunglasses on mine. We asked for permission to come a little after the curfew at 7 pm and took a cab to the stadium. A lot of foreigners were there, the place was too crowded it was like penguins’ assemblance .Excitement filled the place ,It was so crowded that it took us a while to make it to our seat ,they were so close to the field I could smell the grass, I literally could hear the coaches and managers talking ,it was huge ,It was a beautiful sunny day ,my hair was in a ponytail I could feel the sunshine going through my ears ,so warm, great sensation, I opened my water bottle when a famous singer stepped in and sang the national anthem Sabrina and I sang along with the others then both of the teams walked in, all the members were tall and muscular ,our team is red ,the other’s white .The game started and I easily got into it ,I felt so proud of our team ,these young spirits they played amazingly but the others were obviously more experienced and more skilled , I yelled with every missed goal, and hugged Sabrina with every nailed one ,It was weird but I couldn’t help but to notice how similar life and soccer are alike ,both limited in time ,full of emotions ,deceptions and setbacks but there’s always hope .And at the end ,at the end the best always wins .
Penalties time,-Or so I was told from someone behind me- players started shooting ,the ball looked like it was on fire ,by the time it ended everyone was devastated ,I was devastated, We lost for 2-7 ,How lame is that, Everyone was leaving perfect time for a rush of emotions !
Sabrina : Oh my God girrrrl ! you’re crying your heart out ! It’s only soccer.
Everything was foggy I couldn’t see since my eyes were filled with tears
Me : I..It…It’s just that…(snif)..they played so well…and that!.. Smashed (snif)
Sabrina : I know, they’re crying too ! It’s okay now. Although I doubt that it is more about soccer then It is about Matt ,am I right?
I honestly don’t know why did I cry so hard, I’m not the weepy kind, Is it that I’m stressed over my finals ,or is that I miss Mathieu or just Hormones , all I know is thet i let it all out .
A shade of white appeared in front my face at that time , Sabrina was whipping my face .the white color was getting redder and redder .
Me : Sabrina ! Careful ! you’ll wipe(sniff)off the flag and make me look like a mutant tomato (sniff)
Sabrina : OMG!
Tears were still coming down
???? ?  : No creo que ...I don’t think you should be sad ,you should be content since they played well ,we had to go through a lot of failure too but it’s not the end of the world you just have to get back on your feet every time .
Me : Wha…
I raised my eyes ,when I saw him ,a tall guy ,amazing olive skin ,white teets , killing smile ,Shiny black hair and greenish greyish eyes with the tallest eyelashes I have ever seen .And Oh he was shirtless …. So I guess I just wiped my tears in his shirt .Oh shizit!
The crowd was going crazy at that moment.
????? : I get that look a lot, let me introduce myself
Me : I know you, you’re the Soda guy…Boy that came out wrong.. the Soda commercial guy ..
?????:Hahaha yeah but I’m also Angel Reid the captain of the number 1 football team in the world which is a little cooler than a Soda guy I think… you were obviously clueless when you got here .
Me : You saw me ? From where?
He pointed at a huge screen hang in a high altitude then at the booth where the players usually are wich was right in front of me .
-Haha you looked so clueless turning everytime to ask about instructions
-Oh My…!
Seeing that I was embarrassed he added
-It’s okay, that’s cute actually besides that was an intertainement for the guys on the bench
-You mean they saw it too ?
-More then they watched the game!
At that time a man in a suit called for him and said something about joining the rest .
Angel : I’ll be there, James.
Then he turned at me and said :
-Hey ! We’re going back to the Hotel where we’re staying to party, care to join ? You know..our apology for making your team lose.
Me : We would love to, but our curfew is at 7
Angel : No problem I’ll get you back by 6:30
Sabrina : *Whispers* Screw curfew !!do you always get invited by super hot international footballers to have dinner at a 5 stars place
Me:*turns* Sure
Angel : Uuum, It’s called “Riad Nashira”
Sabrina : No shit !We sneak in there all the time ,they have like the best pool eva!
Angel : Well wee had to pay for it *laughs*
Angel & Sabrina : There you go, finally a smile!
Me : Heh !Wait we’re going to “Riad Nashira” in soccer kits?
Angel : I don’t mind :D if you do,some of the guys brought their wives and girlfriends with them I’m sure they have something you can put on if you don’t mind.
-We’re cool if they don’t 
We entered the VIP section, players were cuddling their wives and managers were congratulating each other and smiling at the coach. Angel introduced us to everyone in the room I couldn’t help but to notice how classy and neat everyone looked like, they look all put together after running for straight 2 hours, do these people even sweat ?
The goalkeeper Alfonzo ,a blond one ,started talking in Brazilian all I could understand were words like “funny” ,”want”, “much”, and when Angel replied it was like “keep it shut” and “buffoon” ,when I turned my face to talk to Sabrina, a cute 5 year old boy with curly brown hair and hazel eyes walked towards me he looked like he just got up from sleep
-Hola Cómo te llamas?
-Mi nombre es Rita y usted ? pequeñin?
-Javier ! Pero, usted puede llamarme Javi si lo desea, .do como los gatos ?
Javier ! Pero, usted puede llamarme Javi si lo desea, .do como los gatos ?
-Mucho ! Mi amigo tiene uno, es rubio y regordete , se llama “Tuna”!
- jaja ! mi papá es rubio y regordete !
He gave me the cutest smile

??? : Javi ! ! Ayayay Dios mío, you’re here, I looked all over for you
A twenty years old girl that looks exactly like him walked into the room in a red dress
- Tu hermana está aquí
She finally noticed me and said in a childish smile
oh ! tenemos visitantes ? ¿Cómo encontrar el juego ? el equipo fue genial ¿no?
-Hehe easy there ! I’m not that good after all 
-Sorry ! I’m Marga and I’m not his sister I’m his mother *wink*
-But …you look so young
-teenage pregnancy are you trying to judge me now
-Uh-Oh, not at all it’s your life after all
I could feel my cheeks turn red
-Haha I’m just kidding ,I mean what’s the point of being a young mother if you can’t have fun, the truth is Alfonzo and I married when we were 15 and 20 that’s when I had Javier.
-Well I got my first ear piercing at 15
-Good for youuuuu !
??? : Uhum ! Not going to introduce us ?
-Brinda this is Rita, Rita this is Brinda, She’s Diego’s fiancé, Diego is..
-The former captain
-I was gonna say defence player but that works too
-So you’re Angel’s new girl ? It won’t take long before he throws you like a used napkin so don’t get used to it babe okay ?
-Um..In fact I’m not anybody’s girl I’m just here with my friend on somekind of tour
-If that’s the case then go back home kiddo this is no zoo
-I know but if it was it’s not hard to guess what would that make you*smile*
She gave me a vicious look before she turned her heels
-Muy bien nueva ,I had to put up with the “Artif” for six years and you cremated her in 5 minutes after your arrival, I’m starting to like you!
-I’m usually really calm, I just don’t like to be treated like being disrespected , last person who did it got a punch in the nose and stuck in an elevator
-Extra points !
-Oh sorry I didn’t introduce you to my friend Sabrina !
I introduced Sabrina too both Marga and javier whom I instantly started to like, pretty much like what happened with Mathieu, I wonder what he’s doing ? I should totally text him
“Mat, my maaan !How’s it going with the competition ? Did you kick some butts ? Guess who am I hanging out with ? ….Meh only the best soccer team of all time, I missed your Filipino ass, text me back when you get this okay ? xoxo”
“PS:Thinking of you <3”
-The closest . I looked at Angel while responding him, I noticed he had a mermaid tattoo behind his ears right down his neck,Beautiful I thought, He saw me looking and started walking towards me I felt somewhat embaressed so I just kept texting .
Angel looked a bit disturbed, He ust think I’m a weirdo , I hate when I’m thinking on some deep thought not focusing and I realize I was looking atrt someone the whole time , what worse is when they realize it !
-So you speak Spanish ?
-Mmm…not entirely..You see , I can barely introduce myself, that’s IF the other person speaks slowly like my tiny new friend there
He looked at Javier then Alfonzo and looked relieved, it looks like to me like “Alfy” and Angel are hiding a secret .But who cares, I’m so hungry and exited to walk into the hotel that always kicked me and Sabrina out with the celebreties of the century, I’m already guessing the faces they’ll make, the look on their faces ,EPIC!
Then he added
-I noticed you were standing with Brinda..
-Oh charming charming creature I said in sarcasm
-Pff That’s our Brinda ! Listen she might seem like a bad person ,but she’s a good one, you know deep down
-Deep deep ..deep down haha I’ll just ignore her next time
-Wise, Um Rita he said can I can call you by your name he said looking at something outside
-I’ll be back in five are you gonna be ok ?
-that’s cool
My phone vibrated, Mat just text me back : “I just woke up, was about to call cause I missed you’re morrocan ass too , the compet is goin’pretty well I guessed we ranked top 5 so far
BTW knowing you don’t lie I have to think you’re either under the effect of some magical mushroom or you ended up with some creepy drunk podcasters although hopefully it’s neither but if it turns out to be the second just RUN, and no matter what DON’T LOOK BACK
“You wanna proof I’ll give you one”,I started filming a video
Everyone started acting funny Alfonzo was taking off his shirt and waving it around managers were still laughing, wives were winking and acting all sexy , the players doing the victory dance, Marga and Sabrina were dancing ,Angel and Brinda weren’t there, Javier was … giving him the middle finger…-___-
-Euh ! Marga?!
-Javier sonny what are you doing?
-Papito said it’s always the best attitude
-ALFONZO MARTINEZ ! What did I say about teaching this boy bad things
-What ? Not my fault !He saw me giving it to James and he kept asking what was that
The rest of the afternoon went on like this. Mat loved the video I sent him.I managed to get along with everyone I even learned new things about them besides their names and family members, I never thought that celebrities act this normal especially footballers I mean they’re like the top of the top ,you always hear the word rich or the word famous and your mind goes straight to snob. Well this totally had me by surprise . the room though it’s decorated professionally but it feels so cozy, the warmth of the people here and how they bond,and tease each other, a real family.
Marga came back from her van with a pile of dresses
-You just try these out and pick the one you want to wear and I’ll get the shoes and accessories so that we can get going
I got to the bathroom with Sabrina and 30 minutes later we were out .Sabrina had a blue sleeveless dress with perls on the bottom, a light vest and spikey heels, and I wore a long sleeved pink one with flower prints and green collar , dark tights and vintage shoes since it felt chilly outside.
When we got out to the limo everyone was dressed very nicely prada bags , Gucci belts and and Jimmi Chew shoes , I didn’t feel overdressed anymore. Channel perfume was in the air .
-May I ?
I turned one more time to face angel, I wanted to get mad at him for ditching us like all the afternoon that but then I told myself hemust had had something important, I mean I had Sabrina Marga and at least 20 other persons who were incredibly nice to me, and this is it a great evening , everyone is smiling , he didn’t say anything about it , and I didn’t ask
-You may
He helped me get into the limo, Everyone got in ,and once the motor started running, soccer was the only subject everyone talked about .Angel was explaining the rules to me,Javier was shewing on my purse, Magda yelling at him ,and Alfonzo had a zombie face when Sabrina told him about our curriculum.
-These people should be sewed, that’s not human ?
-Siii, no wonder you girls are so pale and thin ! Said Marga
-Thaaanks ! *giggle*
Alfonzo pinched Magda
-I’m just saying ! You girls totally need to get a tan .I can even give you a makeover when we get to the Spaaaaa !
-That’s sweet but ..
-No thank you ..
-You’re loss Alfonzo said in an ironic tone cause my wife is extremely gifted !
-Oh I regret it already I replied in the same tone
Magda did the “I’m a baby and I’m angry at you face”
-Oh don’t feel bad , we meant that no matter how much we try to tan and put make up on we won’t amount to your natural beauty , that’s the thing we just don’t want you waisting your energy on it that’s all
-haha you’re really good with words you know that
-Oh it just comes out ,unconsciensly I like to call myself “a natural”
We all kept saying lame jokes and laughing at them abviously Javier was so tired of sitting still that he had fallen a seep on my lap by the time we got to the hotel and the driver opened the limo’s door not wanting to scare Javier waing him up so suddenly I told Magda to proceede with her husband and offered to carry Javi my lovely new friend , she said yes seemingly at that point she trusted me enough too confide me the fruit of het loins, then Paolo , the goal keeper helped Sabrina out , followed by Magda, Alfonzo, Chris ,Maria …It sure is a big limo !
The door was still held opened I got out with difficulty , held Javi with one hand my purse in another , the driver closed the door I said thank you , at that exact moment Angel was standing waiting for me,he looked shocked when he saw Javier in my arms
-I’m sorry I kept you waiting
-Oh no I’m sorry I didn’t help you get out but I thought..I thought you were doing some girl thing in there , here give me , he took the sleeping kid from my hands and held my purse
-Oh no you don’t have to ,I can hold him
-Yeah that’s why you took forever in there
-Oh no he’s actually lighter then my school bag , what got me late was the purse…Tricky
He laughs
I look at him in a weird way saying “G I R L T H I N G ? ! “ as if I’m speaking in another language
He said
-well you know the whole powder you nose thing , fix your hair , take a selfie , check if your period went out throught your clothes
I smirk
-Do I look like I’m wearing make up ?
-then it’s either your hair , the selfie or you’re on your period
-You my friend know surprisingly waaay to much about gi..
CLICK! ! The valet took an instant photo and handed to us Javier was wrapped in a blanket so he looked like a baby, and said :
-Mr and Mrs Martinez !Beautiful family !May god watch upon you and keep you always in love.
Angel took the picture , we looked at each other and cracked up
I returned
-Thank you sir , my wife and I appreciate it
I try to hold my laugh and whisper to Angel (Can’t he see I’m seventeen)
-SEV..What ! ! when were you going to tell me ? after we had our third child?
-I was going to hubsy ,for real …I just thought I’d wait till Javier would go to college , I guess I just never had the chance
We kept walking a few steps the staffs men in traditional outfits were throwing roses at us ,sprayed some sort of rose extrat at us , they handed us date and milk , of course I had to feed angel since he was carrying Javi, I felt akward since it was the first time I’d feed womeone , but hey not my fault he wanted to eat dates .
We heard our names being called ,I could see everyone from the managers to the coatch to the team to their girls/wives all sitting around a big table , everything was white smelled good and and looked amazing the candles , the scents, the lanterns, the cushons , it felt like I was in King Sulaimanes palace and this was just the restaurant . Others had got here in their motorcycles (customed of course ), Mercedes ,Lamborginis Duh ! living the life , an Asian girl came and took Javi upstairs , apparently she’s the nanny she took , when we were seated I got the seat next to Brinda (lucky me ), she didn’t look well. Everyone was passing their enterence pictures and saying how their faces looked as weapons that could be use against muggers .Others said they looked like survivors of a nucleor fallout
I thought they looked good , but it was funny how theu criticized themselves .
-Would you look at that ! Prince Edward lady Katherine ! said Alfonzo
Oh no, here we go !
-You guys look gooood !!
-Cuuuute !!
- Like an actual married couple
- Give me that!
-Come get it !
I then realized i haven’t seen it yet
-Alfonzo, Can I ?
-Of course
I took the picture and started checking it out , Angel was carrying Javier (and my purse) I was taking a flower petal of Javi’s face , we were both looking down on him talking and smiling .They were right , it did look like a family picture, then it hit me and I started smiling
-What’s wrong Rita ?
-Here in the back, the driver’s totally getting stoned
-Oh my !That really is a roll in his hands …said Jenny Carter’s girlfriend the poor guy couldn’t wait we kept talking and all commenting about the band ,the good food, the enjoyable athmosphere ,we took pictures ,we exchanged embarrassing stories ,jokes, recommended each other books and movies ,snack recipes we just talked about EVERYTHING , finally we ordered desert and had them served to us Inside where the heated pool is everyone took their shoes off and sat arounf the pool ,dipping their toes ,I had tights on so I had to pass, so I just sat on a chair holding my chocolate fudge cake and just staring at it
-Waiting for the cake to talk ?
I lift my head and saw Angel who had just got out of the pool and sat to the chair in front of me
-No ,but that’d be cool !
I smile at him
-I’ll be okay, really just go back to your friends otherwise I’ll feel bad about it
-No that’s okay , you know we’re not missing much here ususally we play truth or dare, do dumb shit and go crazy ,the staff is always happy to get rid of us ..
-Pretty much like rock stars hein?
He stood up and said
You know what ,let’s do it , now , here
-What ?do dumb shit and go crazy ?
-Mmm that or play truth or dare ..
-Mokay :D You go first !
-Aaah let’s see…
You said back when we were dining that you had a younger sister right ?
-Did you ever let her take the blame for something you did ?
I think for a moment then reply
-Once. My sister and I were about six and four , I remember I grabbed my crayons so I could write on the walls but I knew I’d be dead meat once mom sees it , so I had the idea of writing my sister’s name all over, that way ,mom will think it was her,and since I knew how she wrote it so I pulled it off pretty good the weirdly shaped S and long A , it looked exacltly as if she wrote it .the next morning all four walls were filled with her name and I felt like a genius.
-Did she get punished ?
-Nope I got caught
-Yeah tell me about it , but I didn’t get punished actually ,my mom had a good laugh over it, she thaught that was clever of me
-Phew…Try cunning
He looked down and smiled shyly
-Your turn
-Right .Euuuuuuuuuuh..what’s your guilty pleasure ?
-I try to act like i don’t pay attention to Grey’s Anatomy when Margo watches it, but sometimes i really get into it. Fuck I love that show. I used to watch it in bed in the morning during the summer and if my mom came in, I’d quickly change channels to make it look as if I’d been watching something entirely different, as if I’d been watching porn.
-Haha but that show is great ! It made want to become a surgeon !!
-I know right !Don’t you just love Dr Baily
-My favorite !
-How would you like to be proposed to
-Aaaah I never really thought about it..
-Never ! :o
-Nope but (I narrow my eyes) I doen’t have to be something huge just deep from the heart and it should be to my parents he’s proposing not me ..
He shakes his head in agreement
-What are you most afraid of ?
He coughs
-Um I have Emotophobia
-Fear of vomiting
-Fear of vomiting
-Si .. I often avoid situations such as eating out, drinking alcohol, being alone with children—in case the children vomit—and traveling I also adhere to a strict diet, like crazy checking for expiration dates of food.
-That’s terrible , but you’re doing good for someone with a phobia , You carried Javier ,You travel to every game and training you dine and restaurants …
-It’s a question of habit I think
-No (I smile and take a bite of my cake) It’s a question of love , you love both Javier and football more then this fear of yours and I can guess it goes back since your childhood
-Never saw it this way :/ …In what way have you grown up so quickly ?
I tighten my lips and roll my eyes
-Deep…I’d say totally last year I was some body else someone really different I was fat ,lazy,dumb,unmotivated,scared , aimless,I didn’t give a shit about academics ,I went through mental hell, but believe it or not Physics saved me , It shook me and got me out my hellwhole , I decided to change and stop throwing my self that pity party I thank god for that !
-YOU were fat ? ? and dumb?
-I had two asses 150 Lbs to be precise and a big fat C on physics school exams.
He looked chocked
-Oh common don’t give me that face …You know what ,new rule !you lay bake on your chair and I lay back on mine ,and no eyes contact what so ever the first one to brake it loses.
He does so , so the next minute we’re both lying down on our backs gazing the stars, the white silky curtains dancing with the wing are the only part of “earth” that reaches our sight, and all we hear is voices,of laughter,surprise,and relaxation.
We stay a bit like that ,just looking
-If you could have been anything but a football player what would you do ?No matter how bad you might be at it …
-A nez…
-You mean like make perfumes ?
-Great Job ! Making the world smell better!I say dramaticly raising both my hand :D
-You’re not gonna ask me if I got what it takes ?
-I think talent is a bit overrated ..what is talent to desire or to long hours of hard work..and if you had all three plus an iron will you got your self the magic potion to achieve any dream you have.Your turn.
-(You later what makes you smile ?)
-How do you want to be proposed to ?

When have you killed a romantic mood on purpose ?

If you could be invisible for one day what would you do ?

What is the meanest thing that you have done in your life ?

What would make you cheat on your boyfriend ?

In what way have you grown up too quickly ?

Which boy would cause your parents to freak out if you brought him home ?

What do you think the best thing would be about being a boy ?

What sacrifices are you willing to make for the one you love ?

What is a rumor you spread that you knew was not true ?

Why wouldn’t you marry your current boyfriend ?

What is the worst thing about being a girl ?

Who is a movie villain you find attractive ?

Under what circumstances would steal a friends boyfriend ?

Who would you consider the worst date in your school ?

What was your first kiss like ?

When have you seen a romantic mood die ?

Under what circumstances would you go to a strip club ?

Who is the scariest teacher ?

What issues do you have with your father ?

What physical features do you look at on other girls ?

Can you cry on demand ? Prove it.

When in your life where you the prettiest ?

What are three adjectives would you use to describe the perfect kiss ?