Vivre Dans Ma Peau !


Why is this happening to me ? Why am I treated like crap ? I hate this...Everyday is torture, god. God please me out of here please please please please please help me i hate this i hate this i hate this ...
I have never wished death upon somebody until this year. I hate myself I hate this situation, I hate him SO MUCH ...I hope all the money hes ever made gets lost in one time. I hope all his cash and all his documents get burned ..
Just woke up, prayed a lil.
Thinking what should i have for break fast.
I feel like Jamie.Fucked from the ass.
What should I do ? oh god oh god...This is financially straigning ...I wish i could go study somewhere better...
I wish I had a nicer body..everything would ve been better...I need to be Vegan again…