Vivre Dans Ma Peau !

What to do ?

The Media played so much with my mind ,it started telling me how that i must sleep 8hours a day ,eat all vitamins and minerals just healthy and lose 0.000002 kilos a wekk if i want to be healthy ,like who does thatdon’t study noe then three hours then take a break ,listen to classical music,do not pull an all nighter
HELLOOOOOOOOOO !! ! this is real world not Barbie world and if i keep doing this soon enough I want have ANYTHING and i won’t be ANYONE , this turned me into a real life lazy demotivated jack ass SO from now on I will only go online for educational reasons no shit videos no crap ...i’m not gonna ruin my life so : No internet, no TV ,only preactical creative shit where i’m the one who actually does the thinking you know with braaaain the one that god made for me not some kind of shit made by humans so that they can get me to think the way they want me to .
My only plan to get into prep school then to MIT is to study and pray, I will pray that I get the grades required that i Get in with the will of god , and then that I end up a top student so that I can later on apply to MIT ,where I can blossom even more ,that would get inti places like that must be :
-Hard working
-Doesn’t bow down for distractions
-Looker outside the box
Everything they do from the moment they make the desicion is to make sure everything they do every second is to get closer to their dream , it’s called unselfish love , I want you , you may not want me as well as you might so i’m just gonna keep doing my best to get close to you to make you want me even if you didn’t know i exist once you say you don’t want me i won’t hate you then maybe you’ll realize how right i am to you and come flying to me .