Vivre Dans Ma Peau !

Change Is All I Need ...

Today I realised that I was shrinking my self too much for others, while others don’t give a fuck about me , they want to expand and grow.I’m always screwed by people and their selfishness and yet I don’t learn anything ...Oh well ! I guess It’s a good thing I don’t hold grudge...
Anyways it’s time for me to get a little selfish and start working on my self :I must outwork everyone , look batter then everyone, and not get caught up in anyone’s plans I shall live for me then for others
Resolution number 1: Weight loss (A MUST ) -Time dedicated for food and Tiffany’s leg workout 1 hour
_Current weight :70
_Gw1:60(No junk food)
_Gw2:53(Too much water)
_Gw3:50(Too much black tea)
_Gw4:47(Veggies and fruits only)
_Gw5:45(Nothing made by human)
_Gw6:43(Walking much)
_Gw7:40(One main meal a day + low caloric snacks)
Physics and Mathematics:
Spend 12 hours every during summer break:
_Read all the books i Have on the matter
_Solve all problems
_Try prep school problems
_Watch documentaries about thoses phenomenons
_Watch MIT,Khan,Catlech and many more universities free courses
_Do college level assignements
_Test my self
_Do experiments to prove the theorem...
_Finally when all 1008 hours over I shall try to make my own paper in "Ice Princesse" style
_Look for websites that explain most aqurate
_Make a big folder for physics and a big folder for mathematics.
Reading Books:I must dedicate 3 hours every day for reading
_Read from 1 to 2 books per week, which makes a total from 12 to 24 Book
_The reading material will consist of novels, self help books, and life changing ones
_A notebook will be made for the summer reading and notes shall be taken during the reading
_Books reviews will be written either on a blog or on the note book itself for later use
Sleep:Sleep hours 2
_Dymaxian sleep schedule must be respected no delay what so ever
all the program will be based on it and on prayer time
Language:Japanese shall be the language ,Hours dedicated are 3 hours a day
_ Introduction to the very basics by the apps
_ Learning to write with the apps
_ A folder shall be dedicated to this Material
_ Audios shall be listened to
_Pronounciation shall be worked on
_Songs shall be memorised
_Culture shall be lived
_Videos shall be watched
_Progress shall be observed
Sport : 2 hours of sports every day are primordial
_Sport consists of walking,running,doing some Thirty day challenges ,some k pop workout
_Supplements must be taken every day
_Decent sport clothes shall be worn
_Good Bascet are NECESSARY
Music : 1 hour of time is given to the task
_Mostly notes will be studied
_A note book shall be purshaced to mark all the necessary notes
_Individual shall be tested after every 4 hours spent on learning
_History of music is included
_So are great people in the feild
PS1 : There will be 6 remaining days to the candidate ,found after a purposfull misscalculation, It can be used to finish up the programm so as to :
_Do some shopping (Clothes,PJs,Shoes,good bag and pencil bag,good calculator)
_ Buying Planner ,high lighters,Pens,pencils ....
_Making money on a website
PS2:No TV or Internet or any other distaction is allowed during the programm Internet can be used ONLY for educationnal puposes
PS3 : Skills to be focused on next year:
_Learning Deutch
_Learning computering and programming
_Working on inventions
_Practicing on a real musical instrument
_Learning to edit videos and make 3D animations
_Start a Youtube Channel
_Keep raising money for college
_Learn to fix watches and radios
_Buy junk to Invent something
_Get a Bike
_Find a Job
_Make money on line
_Learn about MIT
_Be a Top Student
_Volenteer at something close to your feild
_keep eating healthy
_Read more books
_Buy Cactus
_try playing with "mojassamat"
_Learn Photography
_Start journaling and naver miss a day
_Get a Pen Friend
_Start fixing everything by thinkiiiiiiiiiiingnah
_play Music
_Learn to cook HEALTHY
_Get beauty care products
_Learn about all new technologies and great stuff in the scientific world
_Be 2-3 weeks ahead of your teachers
_Invent somethiong INCREDIBLY original and awsome