Vivre Dans Ma Peau !

MIT here I come !

So. My dream so far is this. I study physics mathematics(1008 hours ), computering , japanese ,violon read 12 books and do experiments and fixeses this summer.
I go to Ben Grir prep school where I learn independance meet new friends and keep on working on my new body , keep saving money and getting high grades , having teachers who love me ,meet y best Friend Mathiew ,the prodigy , have the crazyest adventures with him ,go to Europe on Summer get Phy books , go to lectures buy peices for my inventions, meet the cutest guys, buy great clothes ,do my hair ,take photos, visit campuses libraries, eat great food, do another (1008 hours) ,leran german,Piano,photography ,painting,writing and so on go back to ben grir, have a great second year , learn a lot get at top 5 in my class.Apply on december earlier that year at the time before i should have had:
-Invited students and professors from it
-Liked every post on every official page they have
-Mada a Youtube Channel about Physics
-Made my own paper on something in physics that is new like a combination between two feilds
-Make an invention out of nothing (cheap) with design and all
-talk arabbic french english japanese deutch
-play violon and piano
-Draw paintings
-Do a lot of Photography
-attend a lot of lecture out of school=attestation
-Study at MIT’s website , so MIT exams and assignements
-get recommendations from professors
-Study a lot of mathematics and physics books
-Get sooo skinny like 40 kg
-Get an internship or a summer job =attestation
-Learn first aid
-Learn all there is to know about MIT
-Do sport like tennis or swimming or dancing