Vivre Dans Ma Peau !

Dear 2013 me...

You are 15, beautiful and optimistic, you are insecure, you hate your body, even though it’s perfect, a lot of people actually envy you for it.
This is 2018 and your life has actually took the craziest change, some things you never thought would happen have happened.
You dyed your hair BLONDE. Bravo for the guts.
You still haven’t gotten your first kiss.
Yesterday you discovered your Uncle Taib died, u actually kinda felt it with 3men and grandma dream
And remember A, that boy you were so very crazy about, you told him you liked him ahahaha, he said you should have told him. He was thinking about kissing you. lol.
You even told your mom you told him you liked him and she laughed. She actually likes him and think he’s cute.
You have a new circle of great amazing friends and you have god to thank for that.
You’re still a Diva
You love lifting
You went Vegan
You are experimenting with fashion styles even girly
You weigh 84 kg
You’ve had a brief flirtation with your physics teacher (now he groses you out) two boys from anatomy class
You learned russian -remember how hard you found it to say "zdravzstvuyte" lmao
You actually went to live in european country the second you turned 18
You have a gay bestfriend
You are studying medecine
You are living alone in a small space
You have your own crazy group of bestfriends