Vivre Dans Ma Peau !


Memories of a Mortal:
Cold… It feels so cold…My head is burning but everything else is cold …and light…just like a feather, I ask my self does it always feel like this, or is it just me, I hear people crying and calling for me, telling me not to give up. Give up what ? I have several flash backs, me at 5 on the roof top wearing my red French hat and sitting on my pretty pink princess-y chair I smile to the camera and click, I’m 7 my math teacher wrote my name on the top of the class pyramid, I make my wish, open my eyes and blow my 9th birthday cake, actually there were two, I can’t help but to smile ,suddenly I‘m 13 in a friend’s house we’re at her bathroom We giggle as we cut each other’s long dark hair and flush, I put the scissors down look at my face in the mirror in front of me when four of my classmates are carrying me and waving me everywhere I scream and laugh so hard of both ear and excitement, cars horn and people in scooters call us names but we’re not moving, but I’m not going anywhere I’m eating Japanese noodles and sushi enjoying ditching the stupid forum to take something off my bucket list my heart is full not because of the food but of the idea ,16 8 months I get up and do the victory dance as I find out I got into the school of my dreams I yell “thank you god thank you my answers have been answered” this time I cry of happiness, those are moments of my life that I will always hold on to ,in moments like these that I felt how everything is possible like I could reach the stars. Will there be more or is it the end ?
17, I’m here, where or when I don’t recall, I am just re-experiencing everything I have ever done ever since I came to this world till this moment, I was always so certain that something greater is meant for me, a glorious fate, will it come true or will all those dreams and ideas leave this world with me ? Oddly I was happy, I wasn’t a bit scared like I always imagined, I was rather curious.
I always tried my best to shine to do my best and find answers to know more and act more leave my print before I leave my mark, touch people and make their life easier and less complicated. Did I do everything I ever wished or did I ignore some if not all ? Then I start thinking… There are things I’ve always dreamt of doing but never had the guts