Vivre Dans Ma Peau !


Ghitha Zahir
Ben Grir Prep School
Ben Grir green city, 5o km from Marrakech, Morocco
October 20th 2016
Massachusetts Institute of technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 021339, United States

Dear admission department,
It is my honor to apply to Massachusetts Institute of technology after doing much research about it almost on a daily basis for the past two and a half years of my life, I checked everything from the tours, to the lectures, to the historical background to the vlogs of students that go there I dreamt about this moment where I apply ever since I was sixteen ,although just a bit before that it was Harvard’s medical school ,but to be honest somehow along the way I fell in love with physics ,and what better place to learn physics then MIT ,I was inspired by Drew Houstonwords in the 2013 graduation speech when he said and I quote “There’s only one MIT…one Hollywood and there’s only one Silicon Valey and this isn’t a coincidence

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